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For those times when your tyre problems put you off the road… Newsome’s Tyre and Mechanical will save you with an expert tyre technician delivering and fitting your tyre needs on site.

From the man on the land to the man moving the land Newsome’s Tyre and Mechanical have got you covered with our on-site tyre repairs for commercial and rural customers in the Rockhampton area and with our 2 Field Service vehicles we’ll minimise your vehicles down time.


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Supplying leading brand quality tyres & batteries to our Rockhampton trade customers is a major focus of Newsome’s Tyre & Mechanical and we’ll take the hassle out of getting what you need, when you need it with our free pickup and delivery for our Rockhampton trade clients.


Give us a call and we’ll pick up the vehicle from your yard or bring your battery direct to you.

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